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当谈到高性能光纤电缆时,这几乎不是你习惯听到的声音? 但这正是FiberNOW项目所提供的. 由十博创新的制造工艺和优化的物流支持,FiberNOW delivers the industry’s shortest lead times on select fiber cabling and connectivity; with both standard and custom-confi gured products shipped in 5 days or less. 有关更多信息,请联系您当地的十博代表,或致电  (1) 860-945-4200.

一周交货时间支持的BOM示例包括多达25个光纤外壳, 50 (12 fiber) MTP trunks, 100 (12 fiber) cassettes and 200 jumpers. 较大订单的交货时间可能更长. 适用条款和条件,计划可在美国,加拿大 & Mexico Only, see below for information.

*See Terms and Conditions

有关更多信息或订购指南- Call Today: 860-945-4200

Terms & Conditions

  • Program Available in US, Canada & Mexico Only.
  • 订单必须在东部时区下午2点前收到.
  • Standard freight policy applies.
  • 十博客户服务预订订单后5天内发货.
  • 发货可以直接送到客户地点(仅适用于美国).
  • 目标是在客户提交采购订单后5天内装运最大订单数量. Lead time may vary based on availability. Customer Service will advise lead times.


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FiberNOW Selection Guide

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